About this project

Impromat is an application for improvisers to plan their improvisational theatre workshops. It lists publicly available improv exercises and games from various categories to support with the creation of new workshops.

About the Author

I am Marco, an improviser and coder. When I got more and more into holding improv workshops I found myself thinking about new workshop inputs over and over again. I did not find a good improv tool to manage workshops and new inspirations for games and exercises.

Thus, my first step was to build a web scraper to download publicly available improv elements from websites like Improwiki. I used this foundation of approximately 1000 improv elements to create a tool that generates a random workshop by picking 8 different exercises. This was the birth of the Impromat: an app to easily plan improvisational theatre workshops.

In the mean time, Impromat das grown many cool features. Thus, I would not see me as the single author anymore because there are already so many people involved through exchanging ideas, testing new developments, and other forms of contribution. Thank you for your input!

If Impromat helps you or if you have other comments, then drop me an email at impromat@marcoklein.dev.

Happy improvising :)