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Plan, give and share improvisational theatre workshops.

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Improving Improv

Developed by improvisers — made for improvisers. Impromat offers all necessary features to plan your upcoming improv sessions.

Exercises & Games

Explore over 1000 existing improv exercises and games in the Element Library. They have been extracted from different wiki sources in German and English: Improwiki, Learnimprov and Improv resource center. Use the Filter function .. in the search and the Recommendations feature to find similar elements to add to your workshop.

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Improv Workshops

Plan and manage your own improvisational theatre workshops, share them with the community or find inspiring workshops from other improvisers.

Create a Workshop

Improv workshops often have an overall topic and are built up by sections (e.g. warm-up), in which different elements (exercises and games) are ordered. You can add your own notes to the workshop as well as to every single element to adapt the exercises to your workshop topic and style.

Customize Your Improv

For easy access, tag certain elements, e.g. like exercises you commonly use in your workshops. If you cannot find an exercise or game in the library, create your own element and incorporate them in your workshop(s).

Open Liked Elements

The Login via Google account allows you to synchronize your workshops, liked elements and personally created elements on all devices. Thus, you can plan a workshop on your computer with the desktop version of Impromat and use the mobile app on your smartphone during the workshop. (Don't worry, your improv data is not shared with Google and safely hosted on a server based in Germany — the Impromat server does not collect personal information. See our Privacy Policy for more information.)

Made for Improvisers

Impromat is made for all levels: Improv beginners who want to prepare their first improv workshops, established groups that want further inspiration and experienced workshop leaders who look for a one-stop app for managing their improv workshops.

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Improv Beginners

Are you new to improvisational theatre and want to try it out with some people? Impromat guides you in finding exercises and games for your first improv session. Use the recommended elements or already existing workshops to benefit from the collective improv knowledge.

Established Groups

Are you playing in an improv group and want to discover new games together? Or do you want to bring more structure into your regular sessions by choosing specific topics (e.g. character building, focus) to work on with your group.
Impromat helps you with finding new exercises and games around certain topics. It also allows you to arrange the elements in sections to have a ready-planned workshop in no time.

Workshop Leaders

Are you regularly giving improv workshops within your own group or for others? With Impromat you can easily plan, guide through and manage your workshops by duplicating and adapting given workshop structures, adding your personal liked ones and creating your own elements — plus, when participants or other workshop leaders ask you for your notes on a workshop, you can share your Impromat workshop with them in no time.

Let Impromat be your improv tool!

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You Want More?

Impromat and the improv community thrive from your workshop and element contributions. Everyone can take part in sharing their improv knowledge!
If you have feedback or new ideas, what the Impromat could do, please let us know via email at or head over to the About page to find out more.

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